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Temporary employment

Employee leasing

About us

KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH offers you both temporary employment and competent personnel placement. We place employees for industry, trade, craft and commerce.

Our Philosophy

To ensure our success in the long term, we pay particular attention to ensuring that both the needs of our employees and the wishes of our customers are taken into account in equal measure. As a recognized personnel service provider, we are a good partner for many companies. This is how we guarantee the further positive development of our company. Careful preliminary work, purposeful methodology and high reaction speed are important to us; this is how we achieve a strikingly good quality of our service offers as a recognized partner for temporary employment. In addition, we offer many years of experience, commitment and flexibility.
Our qualified employees from a wide range of fields are deployed quickly and reliably in line with demand. We also pay attention to the special needs of our customers, which are regularly reviewed in mutual exchange. Our selected staff convinces by high professional qualification, reliability and personal flexibility. In return, you will receive a secure job and fair remuneration (based on current collective wage agreements). Our personnel management is based on personal, individual support and open contact at all times. We always look forward to new challenges and create innovative ideas in human resources management. In this way, we strengthen our position in the market every day and more with every task.

Our History

KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH looks back on several years of experience in the field of temporary employment and still offer the flexibility of a young company. With this broad spectrum of competencies, we can meet a wide range of customer requirements. No matter whether manpower is needed at short notice to cope with production peaks or help with the long-term outsourcing of complete work areas, we are always the right contact for you.

Staffing and temporary employment


Fill vacant positions

Temporary employment

Find your match.

For employees

Temporary employment may be a shortcut to the market

For Companies

Respond quickly and flexibly to demands


Serves as a good interface between companies, applicants and the labor market.

Personnel acquisition and recruitment process can be not only stressful, but also expensive. Exactly for these reasons it makes sense to call in a service provider like KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH. Because a good service provider uses its network and is very close to the possible applicants and thus can significantly shorten the search process.

Temporary employment

From the employee's point of view

  • The employee concludes an employment contract with KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH. KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH employs him/her at one or more customers.

  • As a temporary employee, they have the same rights and obligations as comparable employees of the customer.

  • As a rule, the hiring hurdles are much lower than for direct employment.

  • With the assignment, you gain very valuable professional experience and acquire various qualifications. Thanks to this work experience and qualifications, you massively increase your chances of transitioning to the next direct hire position.

  • Special opportunity
    • Temporary employment can be especially profitable for migrant workers. In this way, the knowledge and skills can be demonstrated in practice in a fast way. The path can be a shortcut into the market, as foreign degrees are often difficult for employers to assess.


From the Entrepreneur's Perspective

  • Today, companies must be able to react quickly and flexibly to the order situation. The world of business is turning faster and faster, making long-term corporate planning difficult.

  • In these turbulent phases, flexible personnel can support the core unit very well.

  • Flexible personnel is particularly recommended during vacation periods, parental leave and illness.


  • Supply chain is a big term today and co-packing is a part of it.

  • Co-Packing “aka Contract Packing” is understood as taking over the complex logistic services.
    A company always competes with the competitors and KS Personaldienstleistung GmbH is like a co-pilot and takes over the side business. The company “the pilot” can thus fully focus on its specialization.

  • As a secondary matter we refer to:
    • Display construction
    • Repacking of products
    • Packing of products
    • Labeling of products
    • Picking of goods
    • Packing of goods
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